Harley Quinn Progress

If you happen to follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I like to post a lot of progress shots for whatever I’m working on. I recommend you follow me. I have duped many a people into thinking I’m cool.

In a big push to get prints done in time for Planet Comicon, I ended up with a Harley Quinn that I was pretty happy with. Today, I am featuring it as my work in progress.


As always, I start with pencils. Nothing fancy. These are just mechanical pencils from the Dollar Tree.

The paper I’m using are actually cardboard backs from reams of paper. My friend works at a warehouse that ships out musical equipment and they go through a ton of reams of paper printing out shipping labels and whatnot. There is always a cardboard back in these reams and she thought it was wasteful to throw them away. Her solution? Save them for her artist friend to draw on!

She has now got every shift at this warehouse saving them for me. The result? I have BOXES of these things. I have a special place in my closet dedicated to these cardboard sheets.

I figured I might as well use them.


Pencil is complete!


Starting with the inks! I do almost everything with watercolor brushes. The sizes vary, but the really fine point ones like the one shown are my favorite.


Here’s how it looked when I was done inking!


Here it is colored. I was really trying to get these done in time to get them scanned and sent them off to the printer. I was pretty much working until the very last minute to get these done, or I would have taken progress shots of my coloring process. Oh well.

I still have prints, if anyone is interested. Please feel free to email. I am also working on getting a store up and running very soon.

In the meantime, here’s the scanned version:



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