Planet Comicon 2016!

So Planet Comicon has come and gone. I realize I hyped it up so much on the Panty Vigilante site and, well, hardly at all here. But, yes, I was at Planet Comicon this year. It was awesome and I’m pretty stoked for 2017 now.

I debuted chapter 3 of my book Panty Vigilante on Friday, which was super exciting for me. It was a big push to get it done and printed in time for PCC.


I caught up with old friends and made new ones. If you met me at PCC and are visiting my site for the first time, welcome!

Anyway, I was behind a table for most of the time, so I didn’t get too many pictures. Thankfully my wonderful bf was there to snap a good picture of my booth (he also cooked me kick ass breakfast every morning before the con. Be still my beating heart!):


I also have some good snapshots of commissions from this weekend:


A sketchbook drawing of Power Girl, commissioned by my friend Ali Smith. She also runs an awesome convention in Manhattan, Kansas called Little Apple Comic Con, which I will be attending next February!


I’m not personally into furries, but someone asked me to draw their fursona. It turned out to be a nice change of pace and painting the fur was fun.

These three are caricature commissions from a couple who wanted a birthday present for their niece (who is a Slytherin fan), and their two daughters. Their daughters just liked superheroes in general, so they weren’t looking for anything too specific. I pretty much got to design whatever costume I wanted for them and had a lot of fun with it.


This wasn’t a commission. Just a sketch I did for fun of Jon Snow and Ghost at the convention. I ended up coloring it and I will post it later. In the meantime, here’s an inked version.


Anyway, Planet Comicon was awesome this year. I have a lot more to post, so stay tuned!


Also my next appearance is River Des Press Expo in St. Louis, Missouri!


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